Below are the 5 nearest locations to Exeter, Devon.

Paintball Exeter

Even when you’re in a big Devon city like Exeter, it is easy to want to get out and escape, but it isn’t easy. You’re surrounded by hundreds of miles of peaceful countryside that attracts tourists who want to escape from the stress of the big cities. Where are you supposed to go for your action fix when you live in such a quaint and peaceful city? Luckily, Splat Paintball have plenty of locations just a short drive away, so you know where to go when you need a shot of high octane thrills.

Prepare for your jaw to drop when you head to our Exeter site. With 120 acres of battlefield to explore, you really need to see this site to believe it! Based at a traditional Iron Age encampment, you will definitely feel like you’ve travelled back in time to battle it out on a historic battlefield. But the paint slinging carnage here is far from old fashioned and old school; prepare to fight it out in our Amazon Jungle and take part in some holy warfare at our grave yard. With many more challenges to discover, there isn’t a moment to waste- get straight to the front lines!

This isn’t the only epic challenge you’ll find hidden away in Devon. Just a short while away in Torbay, we have a brilliant 45 acre site with 6 nail biting challenges designed to push even the most battle ready paintball veteran beyond their limits. You can’t call yourself a true paintball warrior until you’ve taken on each one of these exhilarating missions- do you think you and your squad can brave the tactical thrill of the fort siege, or the shoot out madness of the bridge attack? Then you’d better head straight to battle.

Elsewhere on the South Coast, we have a fantastic paint splattered battlefield in Sherborne, over in Dorset. This is one of the oldest paintball battlefields in Britain- and it is still as action packed as it was when it opened back in the 80’s!

Everybody thinks Devon is full of nothing but peace and quiet- but after a trip to any of our stellar Splat Paintball locations, you’ll definitely think again. Book with us now for an unforgettable action adventure.

"Very professional and highly safety conscious. A great day out for the group. "

Claudia Piller, Oxford Paintball

RATED 3.7 out of 5

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