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  • Oldham Indoor Paintball

    From £9.99 Min. Age 8

    commute 6 miles from Manchester, Greater Manchester

    This thumping indoor paintball arena caters for frantic action and lots of close quarters combat. Sink your teeth into demanding team missions with...

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  • Manchester Paintball

    From £7.50 Min. Age 12

    commute 6 miles from Manchester, Greater Manchester

    This fantastic site, easily accessible from Manchester and the north-west, features several gaming areas across our woodland battleground and sever...

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  • Congleton Paintball

    From £7.50 Min. Age 11

    commute 19 miles from Manchester, Greater Manchester

    Our terrific Congleton paintball site is a mammoth 60 acre warzone divided into 9 thrilling environments. You...

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  • Frodsham, Cheshire Paintball

    From £30.00 Min. Age 16

    commute 22 miles from Manchester, Greater Manchester

    Located within 200 acres of stunning Cheshire countryside. The ideal location for businesses throughout the North West seeking a venue to host corp...

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  • Ormskirk Paintball

    From £7.50 Min. Age 12

    commute 24 miles from Manchester, Greater Manchester

    A 16 acre war zone, set within dense north west forest terrain, full to bursting with purpose-built barricades, forts and abandoned vehicles. Home ...

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  • Knowsley Paintball

    From £7.50 Min. Age 12

    commute 25 miles from Manchester, Greater Manchester

    A massive woodland battleground is the stage for your electrifying paintball shoot-outs. 200 splattering soldier can compete her...

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Paintball Manchester

One of the most famous cities not just in Britain, but in the whole of Europe, there are countless reasons why thousands of people come to visit Manchester every single day. But here at Splat Paintball, we think there is only a handful of reasons why you should visit the city: it is home to three of our most exhilarating battlefields. Why see the sights when you could be getting an action fix?

Closest to the city is our indoor battlefield in Oldham. This is the largest indoor paintball battlefield in the North West and certainly one of the best too. Each of the battlefields here are inspired by classic scenes from military history or recreations of exhilarating movie scenes- or in the case of our fantastic Saving Private Ryan game field, both at once! With everything from crazy shoot outs to intense tactical challenge, battling it out here is a paintballer’s dream come true.

This isn’t the only epic indoor paintball arena you can find just minutes away from Manchester City Centre. Over at Ashton Under Lyne, we have some of the most insane, intense and downright awesome challenges at any UK location. Where else could you be battling zombies one minute and letting loose in the middle of a barnstorming prison break the next? No two challenges are the same and each one delivers more heart pounding fun than the last. You’d be a fool to miss out.

But if you prefer outdoor paintball action, head to the outskirts of the city, where you’ll find our very own Manchester venue. This woodland battlefield delivers one of the most authentic military combat experiences in the North West, so you can’t call yourself a real adrenaline junkie until you’ve tried this one out for size. With a wide range of classic battlefield scenarios in a completely unique location, you’re going to love embracing the full throttle carnage.

Manchester may be one of the best cities in the country- but to experience real action, you’d better leave the city behind and come to one of our Splat Paintball battlefields. Book with us today to secure your spot on the front lines.