Paintball Leeds, West Yorkshire

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  • Leeds Paintball

    From £7.50 Min. Age 8

    commute 8 miles from Leeds, West Yorkshire

    With around 20 acres of woodland to blast your way through and a variety of missions scenarios to test yourself against, a breathless day of actio...

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  • Brighouse, West Yorkshire Paintball

    From £7.50 Min. Age 12

    commute 11 miles from Leeds, West Yorkshire

    Welcome to one of the most easiest and enjoyable sites to find and play at. For an action-packed and utterly unique paintball experience, rally you...

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  • Wakefield, West Yorkshire Paintball

    From £7.50 Min. Age 12

    commute 13 miles from Leeds, West Yorkshire

    Our Wakefield paintball site is a woodland venue situated 2 minutes from Junction 38 on the M1. The site is less than half an hour from the centre ...

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  • Sheffield Paintball

    From £7.50 Min. Age 12

    commute 22 miles from Leeds, West Yorkshire

    Set across 20 acres of woodland this epic arena is the perfect place to experience the thrill of paintball, all within easy access from Sheffield a...

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  • Oldham Indoor Paintball

    From £9.99 Min. Age 8

    commute 31 miles from Leeds, West Yorkshire

    This thumping indoor paintball arena caters for frantic action and lots of close quarters combat. Sink your teeth into demanding team missions with...

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  • Manchester Paintball

    From £7.50 Min. Age 12

    commute 37 miles from Leeds, West Yorkshire

    This fantastic site, easily accessible from Manchester and the north-west, features several gaming areas across our woodland battleground and sever...

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Paintball Leeds

The largest city in the North and certainly one of the best in the country, there are many reasons why Leeds residents are so proud to be from this great city. But here at Splat Paintball, we think that they have the city’s landmarks all wrong- after all, the best things in Leeds are obviously our brilliant paintball arenas. After shooting your way around any of our battlefields, you will definitely want to return for round two.

Make your way to the wilderness that surrounds the city to discover the premier outdoor paintball battlefield in Leeds. Here, the games all offer unique spins on classic paintball challenges, where every game is in equal parts intense, exhilarating and unforgettable. Highlights include the “Tank Assault”, where you and your team have to prevent a fleet of life sized tanks from being attacked. Elsewhere, you’ll make your way to our “Hobbit Trail”, as you have to protect Frodo from the enemy snipers who want to steal the one ring to rule them all.

If you like unpredictable paintball chaos, where each game scenario could transport you to a completely different world any minute, then you’ll love blasting your way around our Brighouse site. One minute, you can be in a futuristic, sci-fi style “tyre compound”, whilst minutes later, you could be a gun slinger in the Wild West, fighting Sheriffs and cowboys in our Western Town. No matter what challenge you take on, you’ll definitely love it here.

If these still don’t deliver enough action thrills for you, make your way over to our brilliant outdoor battlefield in Wakefield. Hidden in the Wakey woodlands, we have nine intense game zones for you to explore, that will all put your gun slinging skills to the ultimate test. From frenzied head to head warfare in our “Inferno” challenge, to a firefight beneath gigantic pyramids and an entire zone full of sci-fi challenges inspired by classic TV series Stargate, we guarantee you won’t have a single dull moment with us.

Don’t miss out on any of these thrills. Book with Splat Paintball today and get ready for deliriously awesome action.