Our younger players are called young guns for a reason, they are ready for action; up for fun and full of energy.

We make sure that we meet their expectations with a fantastic choice of paintball sites and packages. So, grab some mates, give us a call and get your group booked. Great for birthday parties, end of school term celebrations - or just for fun.

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Childrens Paintball in the UK and Ireland Testimonials

For my son’s birthday party, I decided to treat him and his friends to a paintball match with Splat Paintball. He had just turned 12, so I felt he was the perfect age to start taking part- just don’t tell him I selected a low impact paintball experience for all the kids to take part in, as that would certainly rob me of my status as a cool mum! He originally said that he was growing too old for birthday parties. When he found out that it was going to be a paintball party, he changed his mind completely.

As the big day got closer, him and his mates were talking about nothing other than paintball. They were all so excited to finally be able to take part- he kept telling me it was going to be the best birthday ever, so I was really happy I had chosen this as his birthday treat. He spent the weeks up to the day watching nothing but paintball videos on the internet, whilst also researching the best tactics for him and his team mates to win the battle. If only he’d put as much effort into his homework!

He raced through opening his presents on the morning of his birthday as he was so eager to get down to the paintball site. Even though there were still a couple of hours to go before we needed to leave, he just couldn’t wait- I knew this was the perfect present for him, so I will definitely be treating him to a paintball party again next year. He might complain that he’s 13 and too old, but I highly doubt he would be able to resist it.

The day itself did not disappoint. Me and the family, as well as the parents of the other kids, were sat at the spectator areas all day watching them have the time of their lives as they played every game. He may think he isn’t a kid any more, but he definitely looked like a big kid with all the fun he was having, running around and going wild. Once the games had finished, all the boys were desperate to go back and play again, with one of the kids even asking his mum if she could pay for a paintball party for his birthday. With all these satisfied customers running around, it is safe to say we’ll be booking with Splat Paintball again.