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Paintball Bristol

Bristol is caught in the middle of a triangle between the South West, Wales and the Midlands, so you don’t have to travel far from the city to discover a slice of awesome paintball action. Splat Paintball have countless battlefields just a short drive from the city, all waiting for you to take on all the thrills lying within. Do you think you can handle each and every one?

Our Bristol venue offers thrills that are completely and utterly jaw dropping. Here, we have so many game zones for you to explore, you’ll definitely feel like a real life action star by the time you’re done with us. Our best games are inspired by classic movie scenes; one moment, you can be Indiana Jones taking on our “Raiders of the Lost Artefact” challenge. Moments later, you can be transformed into Mad Max as you enter the exhilarating thrill of our “Thunderdome”.

If this isn’t enough paint splattering mayhem for you, don’t worry, as we have plenty of other awesome battlefields in quick striking distance from Bristol. Our gigantic Bath Avon arena is home to a wide range of sweat soaked game zones, all designed to push you and your squad beyond your limits. Do you think you have what it takes to take on each and every challenge? One moment, you could be raiding a fallen enemy helicopter- soon afterwards, you could be battling enemy snipers at The Alamo. This barely scratches the surface of all the games we have to offer!

Only 20 minutes away from Bristol City Centre, you can find another stellar war zone in Portishead. The entire site is designed to look and feel like a classic military base, so prepare for the most authentic combat experience you can ever have without signing up to join the fight on the front lines. But with action this intense right here, why would you want to? This is the best history lesson you’ll ever have, with different games inspired by WWII combat, as well as transporting you back to the Wild West.

Next time you’re in Bristol, leave the city behind for a day. The most fun you can have is at one of our Splat Paintball battlefields- so book with us right now.

"After booking a stag event, we was looked after from start to finish, everyone to do with the event was brilliant."

Josh King, Canterbury Paintball

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