Below are the 5 nearest locations to Sheffield, South Yorkshire.

Paintball Sheffield

Sheffield may be one of the largest cities in the North, but it is also the gateway to the Midlands, the North West and a plethora of other locations. This means that no matter where you are in Sheffield, you are in quick striking distance from one of our brilliant Splat Paintball locations, as we have sites across the entire country. Luckily, you don’t have to travel all the way across the country to let loose on one of our battlefields, as we have plenty that are just a short drive away.

Closest to the city centre is our fantastic Sheffield site. Here, we have a wide range of adrenaline fuelled thrills and tactical challenges designed to bend your mind and push you beyond the edge. One moment, you could be in the close quarters head-to-head shoot out in our Team Death Match, seconds later you could be at the centre of a sci-fi action fantasy as you battle for humanity in our Mars invasion. With all these and many more challenges, we guarantee you won’t have a single dull moment here.

Elsewhere in South Yorkshire, we have everything you would want in a battlefield experience at our barnstorming Barnsley war zone. You’ll definitely unleash your inner soldier over the course of playing with us, as we have some of the most authentic military style challenges that you’ll find on any British paintball site. If that doesn’t do it for you, then we’ll throw you straight into the middle of the zombie apocalypse in our tense “Zombie Shack” shoot out.

If you still have an appetite for action after all this, make the short trip north to Wakefield and get on the front lines of another of our brilliant battle zones. At this site, no two challenges are the same and each one is more thrilling than the last. Can you take on a tactical challenge at the pyramids, a frenzied forest shoot out or an entire field of sci fi themed games in a zone inspired by classic TV series Stargate? Because we have all this and much more, ready for you to take on.

If you want to live out your action hero fantasies, don’t delay any longer- get yourself straight onto the war path. Book with Splat Paintball today and let all hell break loose!

"I loved every moment and everyone was so friendly and kind "

Erin Langford, Cowbridge Paintball

RATED 4 out of 5

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