Below are the 5 nearest locations to St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Paintball St Albans

Just because it is one of the oldest cities in the UK doesn’t mean St Albans is boring. Far from it- if you look hard enough, you’ll find a whole world of adrenaline fuelled adventure lying nearby. That’s where we come in. Splat Paintball have a whole host of awesome battlefields just a short drive away from this quaint, picturesque location.

Just on the outskirts of the city, you’ll find our gigantic outdoor St Albans venue- one of the biggest and busiest in the south. Once you’ve experienced the carnage on this battlefield, you’ll understand why paintballers keep coming back for more. With a mix between classic paintball challenges and unique games you won’t find anywhere else (including the weird and wonderful Rolla Rock), we have plenty for newbies to enjoy that will still push experienced veterans beyond their limits.

Just a short drive away in Hertford, you can visit our fantastic site that is regularly voted one of the best locations for scenario paintball in the whole country. Many of our game zones are based on classic scenes of warfare. One minute, you could be recreating WWI with flying paint, the next you could be assaulting Hamburger Hill. When you take on all these challenges, you’ll be having the best history lesson of your life- there’s no wonder it keeps winning so many awards!

For younger players, there is no better place to experience the thrill of paintball than at our Broxbourne site. This is the only site in the south fully dedicated to low impact paintball, which lets battle-ready youngsters take part in the awesome action. If you want to be part of the paintball revolution, get a squad together and head straight to this one of a kind war zone.

To be a part of all the paintball fun, book with Splat Paintball today. You definitely won’t regret it.