Below are the 5 nearest locations to Birmingham, West Midlands.

Paintball Birmingham

People always refer to Birmingham as Britain’s “Second City”. It is the second largest and second most populated in the UK, right after the capital, but there is one area where Birmingham takes home more than just the silver medal. With the wide range of Splat Paintball locations nearby, it is certainly Britain’s first city for paint flinging fun. If you need your fix of gun-slingin’, paint splatterin’ action, then Birmingham is just a short drive away from some of the best battlefields Britain has to offer.

The neighbouring city of Wolverhampton has plenty of the high octane thrills every paintballer craves, so it is naturally their first port of call. When you play here, you’ll see why paintballers love it so much; with a wide range of game zones spread across a wide woodland location, it is the perfect place to make your action fantasies a reality. It isn’t everyday you get to battle enemy snipers in a Wild West town, or deep in the jungle. But when on our battlefield, you’ll be living out the adrenaline fuelled dream every single day.

If you still have an appetite for intense action after battling here, we have many more war zones that aim to feed your hunger for heart pumping thrills. Our Birmingham South West location is one of the best venues in the region for scenario paintballers- after all, we have a whopping total of 15 game zones for you to shoot your way through. You could be a cowboy in the middle of a Western style shoot out one minute, before being deep in the trenches the next. Are you ready to take it on?

Is this still not enough for you? Don’t worry- we also have a fantastic site in Warwick that is just a short drive away from Birmingham. This premier West Midlands venue is one of the fastest and most frantic paintball battlefields we guarantee you will ever witness. Our site clocks in at a whopping 100 acres, with 6 mammoth game zones spread out across this epic location. One thing is guaranteed when you play here: the action will be nothing less than completely epic.

With all these venues and more lying in the West Midlands and beyond, all just a short drive away from the heart of Birmingham, there is no excuse not to join us for an awesome battle. Book with Splat Paintball now so you don’t miss out.